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Peter Lauener, Chair

"Since the Ofsted we are proud of the commitment and dedication of our staff and we believe that the improvements made will soon allow NCG to regain a ‘Good’ Ofsted provider status..."

Peter Lauener, Chair

Welcome from Peter Lauener, Chair of NCG

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Governor of NCG.

I was delighted when my own application to be Chair of NCG was successful and I thought it might be helpful if I shared why. I have been a passionate supporter of the further education sector throughout my career in public service and I want to be involved now in shaping what is delivered to learners and employers at local level. However, I also believe that we need new models of delivery and the NCG approach offers one way forward with huge potential for the sector.

So what is important about NCG? We are the largest provider of further education and training in the sector. You can read the facts and figures on the microsite. However, size in itself does not cut it, if we are not delivering the best possible education and training opportunities for young people and adults alike and making a difference to local economies and local communities.

What is unusual about us is that we are a group of colleges from different communities across England from Carlisle, Newcastle and West Lancashire in the North, to Kidderminster in the Midlands and Lewisham and Southwark in London. We also have our own degree awarding powers in higher education that are available throughout the group.

Our size gives us the opportunity to operate as a learning organisation, to establish what works well in different parts of the country, to spread good practice and to establish systems and support networks that enable all our teachers and trainers to focus on what they do best. In 2018, we launched a group wide drive to make NCG a great place to teach and learn following a disappointing Ofsted inspection earlier in 2018. We are already seeing encouraging progress from this that is leading to better outcomes for our learners.

Since the Ofsted we are proud of the commitment and dedication of our staff and we believe that the improvements made will soon allow NCG to regain a ‘Good’ Ofsted provider status as we continue to work towards our strategic aim of becoming Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ by 2025.

We also need to make sure we are making the most of all our resources across the Group. Our long term financial position is improving (helped significantly by the successful closure of our loss making training providers) and whilst funding for further education is always challenging we are positive that we can maintain a secure financial base to allow for investment and to deliver leading edge pedagogy and the skills needed for the 21st century. The challenge for NCG is to manage resources wisely across the group and prioritise its investment so that we can deliver consistently in all our communities.

If you are interested in becoming part of this journey, we would love to hear from you.

Peter Lauener
Chair, NCG

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